January Best Bits.


It’s safe to say 2017 has been off to a rocky start, with the inauguration of possibly the most unpopular (internationally anyway) US President of all time and his resultant policy devastation including but not limited to: banning refugees from entering the United States with immediate effect (completely violating the Geneva convention), cutting all federal funding to any global health organisations that provide or even discuss abortion and some vague orders that seem to act as a premise for cutting Obamacare and are set to be incredibly damaging for the environment. With much of the western world still on high terror alert, the realities of Brexit hitting us Brits and the weather still being cold and dark here in Old Blighty I thought it would be wise to remind us what good has come of this January…in my opinion anyway!

  1. Made In Chelsea might actually be saved.

Any reality TV fans will know what I’m talking about here. With the same storylines going round on a circular, an ageing group of decent cast members, a lack of interesting newbies, MIC was failing to keep up with its ITV fake tan counterpart, TOWIE. But, at the beginning of the month when we saw a MIC baby was on the way from girl-next-door, ever popular Binky and her notoriously aggressive, boring on/off boyfriend, JP – storyline potential has finally hotted up! Let’s just hope the producers jump on this and we don’t get ANOTHER dull season.


  1. 2017 will be the year of Top Weddings.

Anyone engaged had an excitable month when Topshop announced they were going to launch a bridal range this Spring. The range will include bridal gowns and bridesmaids’ dresses as well as accessories and lingerie for the big day. Absolute dreams.

  1. Speidi are actually nice?

Who knew? After years of watching Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt portray an evil duo against everyone’s favourite The Hills star, Lauren Conrad and tspeidihen a vicious stint on CBB UK a few years ago we were convinced they were the devil couple…. But their appearance in CBB All Stars Vs New Stars this month has made us all think we were quick to judge the inseparable couple. And that is probably why they haven’t made the final!

  1. The magic of the FA cup struck again

This January saw lower league teams achieving their dreams and of reaching the fifth round of the football competition with shocks all over the show, from Championship side Wolves defeating Premier League giants Liverpool to National League side Sutton United beating a stunned Leeds United. Hopefully the fifth round will provide the same level of entertainment!

  1. We were treated to Tom Hardy in all his glory on the small screen.

January saw the return of Tom Hardy to our screens on a regular basis with the premier of his new BBC drama, Taboo. Sure it’s a good drama to fill those dull, winter evenings but you’ve also got Tom’s beauty to warm you up……anyway moving on.

  1. Serena slayed it.

She’s always owning it but this January Serena Williams really did, beating her sister Venus in straight sets to win her 7th Australian Open! And if that wasn’t incredible enough, she also broke the Open-era record of both men and women to win her 23rd Grand Slam singles title. You run the world, giiiiiiirl!


4. Sherlock confused the hell out of people. But we still loved it. 

Sherlock returned with it’s usual hype and speculation. As usual it was amazing but without revealing too much, I think everyone was pretty confused by the finale? But even so… an amazing British gem of a show and I’m sure all will be explained….I hope so.

  1. Ed Sheeran returned to the charts.

And my god did he! Two absolute AMAZING tunes, album to follow. Let’s face it, both Castle on the Hill and Shape of You are absolute belters and proved it by going straight to the top of the charts.

  1. He’s touring this year!

YAY. Our favourite ginger, alongside this fantastic new album is a UK and European tour in April/May 2017. I do believe tickets go on sale tomorrow morning so if you haven’t already…synchronise your watches, set your alarms and have your credit card handy…


  1. Possibly the BEST news……

    Ed also stated during interviews that he is now ready to be a Dad! Awwwww. Imagine how beautiful the songs about having a baby and raising it will be?! Just how cute are the little ginger cuties going to be? Who will be their mummy? How much are we hoping for Ed and Taylor Swifts ‘friendship’ to turn into what they both write sweet songs about?! I’ll leave you with this belter from them both and how cute they’re miniatures could be……



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