#BookClub: I Let You Go by Claire Mackintosh

I’ve literally just finished this book and I think it could quite possibly be one of the most intense I’ve ever read. It not only kept me guessing to the end, but the constant chapter switching between characters sucked me right into the story and I was powerless to put the book down and as a result, have read more than half of the novel today alone.

I Let You Go begins with a car accident. Not just any car accident, a fatal one. Killing an innocent five year old boy named Jacob and resulting in a huge police investigation to catch the driver of the vehicle, who failed to stop and fled the scene. The novel then launches into the aftermath, Detective Inspector Ray Stevens and his colleague Kate frantically trying to solve the case with very little to go on, intimate details of Ray’s problematic home life and the point of view of a 30 something woman named Jenna linked to the story and starting a new life on the North Wales coastline, struggling with unknown demons.


I think I Let You Go fascinated me greatly because not only did it hold the mystery of what exactly happened on the day of the accident, but it tied beautifully together each characters story, linking the past and present so eloquently that I didn’t feel confused or lost at any point which can often be an issue with books of varying times and points of view. Without giving too much away *apologies now in case of spoilers*, it also gave a clear and although deeply upsetting, incredibly powerful insight into domestic abuse and the feelings of someone in an abusive relationship. Of course, prior to reading I had always felt great empathy to sufferers but the novel really brought home how hard and impossible situations like that are to get away from and I felt immensely thankful that I, nor anyone I know has had to go through an experience like that. It made me thankful for Women’s shelters and public services that do try to get involved, but also made me aware of how much has to come from the victim themselves.

All in all I would strongly recommend I Let You Go to anyone who enjoys something gritty to keep them reading long into the night. It’s a twisted crime novel that will keep you guessing but it was more than that for me, for me it also opened my eyes to what some women go through everyday.


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